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Beef Bites Twelve Pack

  • Treat Details

    12x 90g packs of these special treats.

    Made from 100% dried beef (and nothing else), these smelly cubes of natural goodness are guaranteed to delight your furry companion!

    Because they have no nasties in them they are amazing for sensitive tummies. And because there’s not a hint of filler, they are the perfect snack for any doggies on a grain-free or raw-fed diet.

    Each bag contains 25-30 fairly large pieces (about 2cm3) which can be fed whole or easily broken into smaller pieces. Oh! And the bags are re-sealable to keep the pong contained! (Seriously...it’s important to reseal the bag because as soon as the dog gets a whiff, they usually go a wee bit bonkers...)

    So whether you are looking for an all-natural, everyday treat or something just that little bit special to show your special friend that you love them, crack on and add some to your cart! You won’t regret it!

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